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Car Damaged By Hail

  No Garage? No Problem – How to Shield Your Car from Hail Damage

Having a car damaged by hail sucks in more ways than one. Not only does your car bear the brunt of dozens of icy balls ranging from pea-sized to softball-sized, but the resulting damage does a number on your car’s looks, not to mention its resale value. With some cars using thinner metal to meet weight and fuel economy goals, it’s easier than ever to come away from a hailstorm with a dent-riddled car.

A fully covered garage gives you the best protection against hail, but that’s not always an option for most people. You’ll need a way to keep your car dent-free if you’re out in the open when hail happens. Following these tips may reduce the likelihood of needing a hail repair after the next big storm:

• If you’re on the road during a sudden hailstorm, pull over to the side of the road when it’s safe to do so. If there’s an overpass nearby, consider using it as shelter against incoming hail.

• Get inventive with your anti-hail protection methods. Countless car owners have come up with some genuinely creative ways to shield their cars from hail, from using old rugs and thick comforters to tying a bunch of pool noodles together to form a protective foam blanket.

• Consider investing in paint protection film. It won’t make your car’s paint job impervious to large hailstones, but it will help prevent much smaller impacts and scratches from breaking through the clearcoat.

Need hail repair for your vehicle? K&L Dent Services is here to help. We’ll take your car damaged by hail and work diligently to bring it back to like-new. We’ll also work with your insurance company to ensure your car is taken care of and even offer assistance that reduces or eliminates your deductible. Contact us today for a quick no-obligation estimate.

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