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  You’re Speaking My Language: Body Shop Terms to Know

Like many other places, the world of the body shop has its own unique lingo. At times, the somewhat unusual terminology that most auto body repair shops use can get a bit confusing to the average driver. Fortunately, you won’t need a fancy translator to wrap your head around the following terms.

• R&I – Also known as “remove and install,” this term simply refers to a component that’s removed from the damaged vehicle and reinstalled after undergoing repairs.

• R&R – “Remove and replace” is sometimes a necessity for parts that are too damaged or cosmetically unappealing to be repaired. Hence the old part is tossed and replaced with a brand-new part.

• LKQ – Whenever body shop techs use this term, it means the salvage parts sourced for your auto body repair are roughly the same quality and original appearance to the parts being replaced.

• DRP – Many auto body shops facilitate “direct repair programs” between themselves and an insurance company, making it easier for insurance companies to find trustworthy body repair centers.

• Edge-to-Edge – An “edge-to-edge” repair is simply a repair involving the entire panel, as opposed to a typical spot repair.

• Loaner Cars – Many body repair shops have their own fleet of vehicles to loan out to valued customers during repairs.

• FEA – This stands for “front-end alignment,” which is what some cars that undergo serious body work often need after repairs have been completed.

• Compounding – This term simply means using an abrasive material to polish a vehicle by hand or with an appropriate power tool.

Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the body shop lingo. Call K&L Dent Services to learn more or to schedule an appointment for your own vehicle. Don’t forget that we also offer loaner cars for our customers whenever there aren’t any rentals available, as well as concierge service for convenient pickups and drop-offs.

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