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Paintless Dent Repair

  Find Out How Paintless Dent Repair Works

It doesn’t matter how your car earned its dents – what matters most is that you want them gone in a hurry. At K&L Dent Services, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to return your car to its original, pristine condition, but paintless dent repair is one of our most popular choices. So, what’s the deal with PDR and how it works?

A lot of traditional dent repair methods rely on body filler and respraying damaged areas to make them look like new. In contrast, PDR lets us minimize and even remove dents without any impact on your car’s original paint. This involves using a set of specialized tools that effectively let our technicians “massage” the damaged metalwork back into its original shape.

This non-destructive method of dent repair preserves your factory finish while eliminating worries about over-spray or filler failure. PDR also takes less time to perform than other traditional dent repair methods, shortening your car’s stay at the shop while making the repairs more affordable. With no noxious chemicals involved, PDR is also an environmentally friendly way to take care of annoying dents.

Keep in mind that the PDR process won’t fix every single type of dent. Success with PDR often depends on where the dent is located and the size and depth of the dent itself. If a dent is too large, too deep or simply located in a difficult-to-reach spot, then other methods may be needed to complete a successful dent repair.

K&L Dent Services proudly offers paintless dent repair, not to mention a wide variety of other dent repair services to help bring your vehicle back to its pre-damage state. If you have a busy schedule to contend with, you can even take advantage of our free concierge pick-up and delivery. Reach out to us by phone or visit us online to receive a no-obligation estimate today.

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